Remember those endless lines of customized Fords, Chevys and Plymouths cruising Sepulveda Blvd in Van Nuys, or Woodward Ave.  in Detroit, Highway 1 in Fort Lauderdale or along Colorado Blvd in Glendale, California?

Well, this site is dedicated to the memory of great radio stations... like 77WABC in New Yor'k City, KYA1260 in San Francisco, WLS Chicago, KXOK in St. Louis, and KDWB in St.Paul.  Their Top 40 rock 'n roll play-lists kept us tuned in to hear our favorite DJs playing those  unforgettable hits of the 50s, 60s and 70s.  

...And, In LA, Gene Autry's KMPC710, with it's airwatch helicopters and fleet of big block Chevy wagons, kept motorists informed of the southland's current traffic while playing the Best Sounds in Town until it, too, faded from the AM radio waves.. So, this site is dedicated to helping keep some of those memories alive at car shows in northern Utah's counties where the hits keep on coming.  Join us, won't you?
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Station OThe Stars 
                      Tuesday - April 11, 2017
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Run To You -  Bryan Adams

Please support the above local businesses, and those posted on the side of the KMPC Mobile Studio... as we recognize these area businesses by 'thanking' them for supporting SOTS car shows/events during the year.  We hope you will stop by and say hello whenever you have a need for products or service...  and, plese tell them you saw their logos here and on our mobile studio. 
Turn Up The Radio - Autograph
Cruel Summer - Bananorama
The Power of Love - Huey Lewis
Band of Gold - Freda Payne
One Less Tornado - Chris LeDoix
Select any song to hear sample of the Best Sounds in Town from the KMPC710 Mobile Studio for our 2016 Car Show Season
Station OThe Stars = SOTS
Hollywood's film and radio stars were interviewed in the original KMPC Mobile Studio at venues around LA.
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Car Show season is NOW!  Here's just a few for starters:  

APR 30  SUN 12-4 Season of Sundays: 'April Showers' 12th Street Village Inn, Ogden
MAY 12  FRI   5-8  Ogden High SkillsUSA: 29th & Harrison, Ogden
MAY 28 SUN  12-4 Season of Sundays: 12th Street Village Inn, Ogden
JUN  3   SAT  7-9   Annual Drag & Cruise Night: 2nd and Main, Tremonton
JUN  24 SAT  11-3  Annual Porterville Cruise and Show:Hwy 66 & Morgan Valley Dr.(Pvt Res)
JUN  25 SUN 12-4  Season of Sundays: 'Sum,Sum, Summertime'12th Street Village Inn, Ogden
JUL  8   SAT  10- 2 1st Annual Sierra RV Car and Tuck Show, just off 12th St, west of I-15 
JUL 15  SAT  6 - 9  Under The Lights Car & Truck Show: John Watson Chevrolet - 3535 Wall 
​JUL 23  SUN 12-4  Season of Sundays: Christmas in July, 12th Street Village Inn, Ogden
AUG19  SAT  10-2  9th Annual Village Inn Memorial Car Show: 322-12th Street, Ogden,  Hot Rod, Utah Car, MWSN