Remember those endless lines of customized Fords, Chevys and Plymouths cruising Sepulveda Blvd in Van Nuys, or Woodward Ave.  in Detroit, Highway 1 in Fort Lauderdale or along Colorado Blvd in Glendale, California?

Well, this site is dedicated to the memory of great radio stations... like 77WABC in New Yor'k City, KYA1260 in San Francisco, WLS Chicago, KXOK in St. Louis, and KDWB in St.Paul.  Their Top 40 rock 'n roll play-lists kept us tuned in to hear our favorite DJs playing those  unforgettable hits of the 50s, 60s and 70s.  

...And, In LA, Gene Autry's KMPC710, with it's airwatch helicopters and fleet of big block Chevy wagons, kept motorists informed of the southland's current traffic while playing the Best Sounds in Town until it, too, faded from the AM radio waves.. So, this site is dedicated to helping keep some of those memories alive at car shows in northern Utah's counties where the hits keep on coming.  Join us, won't you?
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March 23, 2015
SOTSProductions car shows begin April 4  
We start our 7th year April 4 and invite you to join us during our new season of car and truck, motorbike shows as we continue through the summer to October.  We'll return with more of the Best Sounds in Town from the KMPC Mobile Studio remake of the station's popular remote 60s cruising van, a popular fixture seen at local record shops, Angels baseball and other Southern California area venues where the KMPC truck was a familiar site until 1979.  And, now, here's where the  big white truck will be this year:

    Season of Sundays every 4th Sunday, 12-4pm -12th St. Village Inn, Ogden

    Big Jim's Burgers monthly car shows, 12-3pm at West Haven & Harrison stores
         4/4  WH,  5/2 Harrison,  6/6 WH,  7/11 Harrison,  8/1 WH,  9/5 Harrison, 10/3 WH

    John Watson Chevrolet Car and Truck Show - May 16, 9am to 1pm
    10 Show Awards, Dash Plaques, Raffles, Give-a-Ways, Games, Food Trailer plus more of the  Best Sounds in Town from the KMPC mobile studio with hits of the 50s thru the 80s and beyond

    Burger King - Royal Rumble Truck and Car Show -   Friday night: July 31st,  5-8pm
​(This is an evening event with a nominal registration fee going to Ogden Youth Impact - a great organization (you've seen these kids at previous B-K events.. a deserving group!)
    Location: 4800 S at Midland Drive - Check back here for more info... but it'll be a biggy!  Plan for an evening of fun, classics and a good meal, plus great sounds.

    The Morgan Ford-Dodge annual car show off I-80 in Morgan County

    7th Annual Village Inn Truck and Car Show on 12th Street, Ogden               The event is scheduled for Saturday, August 22nd - From 10am to 2pm at the Village Inn - 322-12th Street, Ogden.  Please bring item(s) to raffle.  Ten show awards, dash plaques and, of course, the Best Sounds in Town from our KMPC Mobile Studio (1961 Ford Truck).

    Fremont High School Football Kick-Off Car, Truck & Farm Equip Show

    11th Annual Rocky Mountain Car Show and Carnival in Clearfield, Utah.  This event is scheduled for Friday, September 18th, from 4pm to 7pm and includes show awards, dash plaques, food kiosks, a live band and other exhibit booths situated along the entire block, across the street from North Davis Hospital.  The KMPC Mobile Studio will be there, too... with the Best Sounds in Town.

    5th Annual Restoration Celebration Truck and Car Show at Manor Care...   Typically held on the second Tuesday in September from 4pm to 7pm.       Please check back here or see information on our Facebook page this spring.

Don't miss an event...subscribe to Mountain West Street News for a detailed listing of all car show events around the region.  See the SOTSProductions ad featuring our new caricature logo ad drawn by Jerry Aldous

Don't forget, you can also find area car show schedules on-line. Just go to these great websites: Hot Rod; Utah Car;  American;!

Don't forget, SOTSProductions posts car show photos and winners shortly following each scheduled SOTS event through out the season on Facebook.​

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